Warranty Statement

Access Sales & Spares is committed to providing you with the expertise, convenience, value, and the highest level of service delivery. We are proud to pass on reliable, quality engineered elevating work platform machinery and we think that maintaining your elevating work platform should be a hassle-free experience and we back that up with the industry-leading warranties that protect your investment.

Access Sales & Spares thoroughly checks our estimates of service, and the services we perform are conducted with the aim of getting it done right the first time. We have only highly skilled, trained professional specialists that know the equipment they work on.

Access Sales & Spares warrants that each new elevating work platform sold will be free of defective parts and workmanship for the period stated by the manufacturer from the date the product was invoiced to the purchaser. Any structural components found to be defective will be replaced or repaired in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications. Access Sales & Spares will handle all service work in the manner it deems to be most appropriate and according to written warranty statement made by the manufacturer at the time of sale.

Access Sales & Spares provides a ‘Gold Shield’ warranty option, where purchased as an added option at the time of sale of any new elevating work platform will fully extend the life of a manufacturers written warranty for a period of 12 months from the date the product was invoiced to the purchaser.

All warranty claims are subject to approval by Access Sales & Spares’ Service Department. Access Sales & Spares exclusively reserves the right to adjust claims with regard to defective parts, labour or any costs incurred by the purchaser including, but not limited to, travel expense and freight of machinery, in whole or part.

Service labour or parts purchased from sources other than Access Sales & Spares, is not covered under the terms of the warranty agreement and will void any further warranty claim. In the said case, Access Sales and Spares reserves the right to discontinue any further acceptance of liability with regards to warranty claim for the remainder of the term agreement.

Misuse or improper operation, lack of normal maintenance and inspections as outlined in the manufacturers Operating Manual, Parts Manual or Service Manual, as well as any alterations to the original designs and/or components (where not expressly approved in writing by either the manufacturer or Access Sales & Spares) or any accidents will void all warranty and Access Sales & Spares reserves the right relinquish any or all acceptance of the warranty terms hereafter.

We will take every measure to provide the purchaser with the whole and complete manufacturer’s written warranty upon the time of purchase, and strongly advise that the purchaser check these terms and conditions of warranty of their own accord from the manufacturer.

Access Sales & Spares reserves the right to change these terms herein, subject without notice at any time. The terms of which the purchaser agrees to be those stated at the time of purchase, unless expressly stated in writing by Access Sales & Spares at the said time of purchase and agreed upon through purchase by the purchaser.